ACTIA Investors

Social and environmental issues are at the heart of ACTIA’s various activities. The group applies these issues internally in a concrete way and encourages, for example, the mixing of teams, the eco-responsibility of employees or their commitment to solidarity.

ACTIA’s business model is based on the ambition to make a positive contribution to the world, both externally in the fields of mobility, energy and telecommunications, and internally through the development of the human resources that make up the company.

To preserve and develop its human and industrial capital, ACTIA’s strategy is based on the sustainable development approaches implemented. Social, environmental and economic concerns are decisive in relations with internal (employees) and external (customers, suppliers, shareholders) stakeholders.


ACTIA’s proactive policy confirms its desire to move towards a circular economy.

The major actions implemented :

  • introduce eco-design in product development ;
  • prioritise the choice of certain materials and components in accordance with environmental requirements (Conflict Minerals Policy);
  • choosing the mode of production and storage with due regard to the environment;
  • progress in the responsible management of resources: water, electricity, natural gas….
  • add new approaches to waste reduction and recycling, including hazardous waste;
  • establish a greenhouse gas emissions balance sheet; – set a zero paper target;
  • support employees in the use of sustainable means of transport for home-to-work travel;
  • providing employees with electric cars or public transport solutions for business trips.
  • ACTIA’s main production sites are all ISO 14001 certified, demonstrating that they take these environmental issues into account.

ACTIA integrates its corporate social responsibility values into the choice of its suppliers. Quality and sustainability are therefore key points in the qualification and classification of suppliers. Relationships with suppliers are built in accordance with the principles defined in the supplier quality manual and in the purchasing and supply policy.


ACTIA applies a social model that respects employees and their development. The measures implemented advance practices in terms of :

  • quality of life at work ;
  • integration and non-discrimination
  • training and support for knowledge development
  • diversity and professional equality;
  • prevention of psycho-social risks;
  • work-life balance.
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