ACTIA Investors

As part of the French Anti-corruption Law and the Anti-corruption code of conduct adopted by the Group, the decision has been made to provide all Group stakeholders with an anti-corruption whistleblowing internal system, described in this document, which everyone is required to comply with.

Act of corruption

Corruption is any behaviour whereby a person proposes, requests or accepts, directly or through an intermediary, any donation, offer or promise, gift or benefit in return for performing, delaying or failing to perform an act which directly or indirectly falls within his/her duties in order to obtain or maintain a commercial or financial advantage or to influence a decision (see Anti-corruption Code of Conduct).


Any employee who, in good faith, that is to say, firmly believing that his/her statement is full and accurate, reports a potential violation of the anti-corruption code of conduct, will be protected from all forms of reprisal.

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