ACTIA Investors

Core business

The ACTIA Group specializes in the design, manufacture and operation of electronics for systems management in the automotive, aeronautics, railway, telecommunication networks or energy sectors.

The development of an economy of use in the Group’s various fields of activity guides ACTIA towards offers that increasingly integrate service applications.


At the heart of today’s world, ACTIA is committed to meeting the new challenges of mobility, connectivity, security and the environment.This commitment gives meaning to the choices and orientations of all our employees and to everyone within the Group.

A family-owned, intermediate-sized company

The ACTIA Group is a family-owned, intermediate-sized company with its head office in France. This family aspect plays a vital role in what ACTIA is today and what the Group will be tomorrow. It guarantees the Group’s sustainability and independence, with a constantly renewed entrepreneurial drive.

International industrial group

ACTIA’s culture draws its richness from the pioneering spirit that has driven the Group since its creation and from its industrial identity. All ACTIA products are designed in the Group’s design offices and manufactured in its factories according to standards of quality that meet, notably, the requirements of the automotive and aerospace sectors.

The ACTIA Group is present in some fifteen countries all over the world. This international dimension is an advantage for supporting our customers by specifically addressing their local challenges. It is also a driving force for the performance of the Group’s purchasing policy, industrial policy and innovation strategy.

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