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Reorganisation of the business into 4 divisions

ACTIA Group achieved consolidated turnover of €139.8m in the first quarter of 2024, an improvement of 1.1% compared to the same period in 2023. The trend was in line with the objective for an annual rate of growth of between 3 and 5%. As announced in 2023, the Group has reorganised the business into four divisions: Mobility, Aerospace, Energy and Engineering Services. Better suited to the global markets addressed by the Group, which accounted for the 63.4% of consolidated sales for the period achieved outside France, the new organisation allows for a deeper understanding of the various fields of expertise and will contribute to greater clarity for the Group’s growth strategy over the coming years.

 Q1 2024Q1 2023 restated(1)Change (€m)Change (%)
€m     % TO€m    % TO
Mobility115.682.7 %111.680.7 %3.9+3.5%
Aerospace12.69.0 %15.111.0 %-2.6-17.0%
Energy5.94.3 %7.75.6 %-1.8-22.8%
Engineering Services5.74.1 %3.62.6 %2.0+56.1%
HoldingNS0.0 %0.10.1 %-0.1-78.8%
ACTIA Group139.8100.0 %138.2100.0 %1.5+1.1%

Unaudited data¹ the financial information for 2023 is restated on a quarterly basis in order to be compatible with the new organisation.

The Mobility Division, with 82.7% of consolidated turnover, designs and manufactures embedded electronic equipment and systems to help address the different challenges facing terrestrial mobility in the areas of road and rail transport, the transportation of goods and people, and specialist vehicles for agriculture and construction. The comprehensive range of related solutions and services enhances the user experience, encourages the energy transition, speeds up the acceptance of driverless vehicles, integrates smart and upgradeable technologies, and contributes to ensuring the durability of different types of vehicles. It generated revenues of €115.6m, up by 3.5% or €3.9m: the expected slowdown in the construction and agricultural vehicles segment was offset by the growth in solutions for Light Vehicles, Buses & Coaches and Trucks. In the area of Rail, the division lost some ground due to the delays suffered by certain customers, but this should be made up for by the end of the year. 74.2% of the sales of this division were to international customers.

The Aerospace Division, with9.0% of consolidated turnover, designs and manufactures embedded electronic systems for the fields of aeronautics and aerospace as well as complete, integrated solutions for satellite telecommunications. It generated revenues of €12.6m, down by 17.0% or €2.6m. This was mainly due to a Swedish customer who is invoiced as a function of production by batches. The usual seasonal effect on the SatCom business was also in evidence at the start of the year, with an unfavourable basis of comparison due to deliveries of the Comcept programme being completed in 2023. 18.7% of the sales of this division were to international customers.

The Energy Division, with4.3% of consolidated turnover, develops, integrates and implements innovative solutions to manage, transport and distribute electricity for the major players in energy. It generated revenues of €5.9m, down by 22.8% or €1.8m, due to an unfavourable basis of comparison caused by strong sales in the first quarter of 2023 with the ‘catch-up’ effect following the previous shortage of components. This was exacerbated by a slower than expected implementation of an equipment deployment programme for a customer in network infrastructure in 2024. The sales of this division are made exclusively in France.

The Engineering Services Division, with 4.1% of consolidated turnover, designs and develops embedded products and systems, in addition to software services for the mobility and industry sectors. It generated revenues of €5.7m, up by 56.1% or €2.0m, which is clearly an acknowledgement of ACTIA’s high level of expertise. This division also includes technological cooperations in the field of embedded systems for vehicles. 96.0% of the sales of this division are to customers in France, excluding the Group.

  • 2024 OUTLOOK

The economic situation in the early part of this year, marked by the lower volumes forecast by some customers, especially in the area of specialist vehicles for construction and agriculture, has led to a decline in the short-term portion of the order book. In fact, whereas at 31 December 2023 it was up by 16.9% compared to the end of 2022, the portion at less than one year fell to 74.3% as opposed to 76.1% a year earlier. However, the strategy of diversification of the markets addressed by the Group, which has been pursued for several years with a balanced breakdown across the different types of customers, and the success of the commercial strategy to acquire new customers, will limit this temporary effect. Therefore, the launch of production of new families of products will enable ACTIA to achieve slight revenue growth in 2024 of between 3 and 5%. Taking into account its production capabilities and its customers’ forecasts, the revenue objective of €800m has now been set for 2027. The Group is also expecting the supply situation to stabilise and is counting on the effectiveness of its ongoing strategic initiatives to continue to improve its financial structure.

The Annual General Meeting has been set for 28 May 2024 at 5 pm at ACTIA’s head office. The distribution of a dividend of €0.12 per share will be proposed, with the ex-dividend date on 13 June 2024. The documentation is available to shareholders on



ACTIA Group is a mid-market company (ETI) founded in 1986. It is at once family-owned and international and its head office is located in France. The family aspect guarantees the long-term future of the Group and its independence with an ever-present entrepreneurial spirit. ACTIA’s business is to design and produce electronics to control systems in the particularly demanding fields of the automotive, rail, aeronautics, space, defence, energy and telecommunications industries.

The commitments made by ACTIA are reflected in the Group’s ambitious contributions to addressing societal issues: mobility, connectivity, safety and the environment. Control over the design and production of products bearing the ACTIA signature is a true guarantee of quality. Without exception, all Group employees share this belief in quality in a fully certified environment.


  • 2023 turnover: €579.3m.
  • More than 4,000 employees around the world, of whom approximately 1,450 engineers and technicians in R&D.
  • Present in 17 countries.
  • 14 to 18% of revenue reinvested every year in R&D.


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  • Indices: Euronext Growth All Shares – Euronext Tech Croissance – Euronext Helios Space – Enternext PEA-PME 150 – GAÏA index


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  • Annual General Meeting: Tuesday 28 May 2024 at 5 pm
  • Q2 2024 turnover: Wednesday 7 August 2024 at 7 am
  • First half 2024 results: Tuesday 24 September 2024 at 7 am
  • Presentation of first half 2024 results: Wednesday 25 September 2024
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