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IFRS, (in € millions)2023(1)2022Var.
       o/w Automotive125.4111.8+12.1%
       o/w Automotive492.5420.7+17.1%

                                  (1) Unaudited data.

With €579.3m in consolidated turnover in 2023, ACTIA Group has achieved an historical high, enjoying growth of 15.9% compared to 2022. In line with the annual target of 15% growth, this further acceleration (+5.5% in 2021, +12.1% in 2022) means that the direct and indirect consequences of the health crisis are now firmly a thing of the past with 2019 turnover having reached €520.4m. The Group has thus entered a new phase in its expansion thanks to the success of the development strategy implemented over the past few years. It is able to build on a solid value proposition that combines technological expertise and leading-edge industrial facilities for a cleverly diversified customer portfolio.

Over the full year, international customers represented 63.6% of consolidated revenue. The Group enjoyed double digit growth on all continents with the exception of Africa at just 2.4% of 2023 turnover. The Americas, at 13.2% of 2023 turnover, had the highest rate of growth in excess of 20%. This trend continued in the fourth quarter with a strong performance by ACTIA in Asia.

The Automotive Division generated €492.5m, representing 85.0% of the Group’s 2023 turnover, up by 17.1% over the full year and 12.1% in the fourth quarter. The OEM* business, at 77.0% of the division’s sales in 2023, was up by 21.5% over the year. This progress was due to the ramping up of the expertise developed over a number of years for a new type of customer, especially in the Rail and Agricultural vehicles and Plant segments, with Trucks remaining a pillar for the Group. Taken together, these segments represent over 50% of the division’s sales and grew by 25.4% compared to 2022, equivalent to 93.6% since 2019. This growth has been supported by an offer centred on connectivity, la cybersecurity, the safety record for the operation of embedded systems, power calculators and the new Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) architectures.

In the Buses & Coaches market, ACTIA consolidated its leading position in China (the largest global market) for driver’s cab solutions with a relationship with almost all the national manufacturers as the Number 1 supplier.

Due to the lingering effects of the disposal of the Technical Inspection and Garage Equipment business in April 2022, the Aftermarket** business, at 5.4% of the division’s sales in 2023, saw a decline of 16.4% across the year, which slowed a -4.2% in the fourth quarter, representing sales lower by €0.3m. The electronics outsourcing business, or MDS***, at 12.5% of the division’s sales in 2023, stabilised at the end of the year with turnover down by just 0.6%. It had been appropriately reinforced during the health crisis, especially in the area of home automation, which saw a sharp decline in final demand in 2023, offset by the recovery of the aeronautics segment.

The Telecoms Division generated €86.6m, representing 15.0% of the Group’s 2023 turnover, up by 10.2% compared to 2022. The trend for sales was particularly positive in the market segments for Energy, up by 23.9%, and Rail, up by 70.7%. In line with the end of the Egyptian programme, the area of SatCom dropped by 19.3% in 2023, with international sales badly affected.

However, the gradual development of new types of equipment should be noted. Although they are more complex, they will help to boost growth in this segment. With a large proportion of sales usually achieved at the end of the year, the effect of seasonality recurred in 2022 with €29.1m in the fourth quarter, up by 2.0%. Compared to the previous quarter, the increase was 87.6%.


The economic context at the start of this year, marked by the lower volume forecasts by customers, has caused the order book to contract and encouraged the Group to exercise caution. However, the start of production for new families of products, building on the commercial successes of previous years, should enable ACTIA to achieve some slight growth in 2024. It will be possible to give a more precise picture upon publication of the annual results for 2023 on 26 March 2024.

And, let us not forget that in 2023 ACTIA was also working on its transformation into four divisions (Mobility, Energy, Aerospace and Engineering Services). This new segmentation will be operational in 2024 and will contribute to the Group’s development in future years by strengthening its close relationship with each market segment and improving the transparency of its business activities.

Also worth reporting is the strategic decision made by ACTIA in December 2023 to join the European Cooperative Connected Automated Mobility (CCAM) association in order to better anticipate future technological developments in the area of automotive through closer cooperation with the major players in the European ecosystem (manufacturers of on-road vehicles, Rank 1and 2 subcontractors, and research laboratories). The membership will enable ACTIA to further strengthen its value proposition for its historical areas of expertise concerning architectures and management of the vehicle life cycle.

* OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer
** Aftermarket: including repairs and maintenance
*** MDS: Manufacturing Design & Services



ACTIA Group is a mid-market company (ETI) founded in 1986. It is at once family-owned and international and its head office is located in France. The family aspect guarantees the long-term future of the Group and its independence with an ever-present entrepreneurial spirit. ACTIA’s business is to design and produce electronics to control systems in the particularly demanding fields of the automotive, rail, aeronautics, space, defence, energy and telecommunications industries.

The commitments made by ACTIA are reflected in the Group’s ambitious contributions to addressing societal issues: mobility, connectivity, safety and the environment. Control over the design and production of products bearing the ACTIA signature is a true guarantee of quality. Without exception, all Group employees share this belief in quality in a fully certified environment.


  • 2023 turnover: €579.3m.
  • More than 4,000 employees around the world, of whom roughly 1,400 engineers and technicians working in R&D.
  • Present in 16 countries.
  • 14 to 18% of revenue reinvested every year in R&D.


  • Euronext Growth Paris
  • ISIN FR0000076655 – Mnemonic: ALATI Reuters: MRSP.PA – Bloomberg: AIELF: FP
  • Indices: Euronext Growth All Shares – Euronext Tech Croissance – Euronext Helios Space – Enternext PEA-PME 150 – GAÏA index


ACTIA – Catherine Mallet – Tel: +33 50)561 176198 –

CALYPTUS – Marie Calleux – Tel: +33 (0)153 656868 –


  • Annual 2023 results: Tuesday 26 March 2024 (7 am)
  • Investors’ briefing: Wednesday 27 March 2024
  • Q1 2024 turnover: Wednesday 15 May 2024 (7 am)
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