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IFRS, in € millions2022(1)2021 proformaVar.2021 published
o/w Automotive95.189.4+6.3%95.1
o/w Telecom15.413.2+16.3%13.2
9 months359.2319.1+12.6%333.9
o/w Automotive308.9278.6+10.9%293.4
o/w Telecom50.040.4+24.0%40.4
Power Division(2)    

          (1) Unaudited data. (2) Disposal 01/08/22.

In the third quarter of 2022, ACTIA’s business continued to grow, achieving turnover of €110.7 million. With growth at 7.7%, compared to 14.9% for the first half, even the slightest growth is an achievement given the ongoing difficulties with the supply of components, which has shown no noticeable improvement since the beginning of the year, resulting in further significant production delays (over €30 million) and high inventories. With what has become a long-standing problem for the global economy, these shortages continue to badly affect all areas of industry, and particularly those related to mobility.

Over 9 months, ACTIA has generated revenues of €359.2 million, up by 12.6% taking into account the IFRS restatements for the Power Division made as at 1 August 2022. Across the period, all market segments show growth of between 8.5% (Rail) and 53.9% (Aeronautics, Defence & Space), with the exception of Light Vehicles due to the previously announced end of the Volvo Car contract (-38.2%) that the Group has been able to more than offset.

For the third quarter, the sales of foreign subsidiaries amounted to €57.5 million, up by 1.5%. Revenues from the French companies, up by 8.2% at €56.0 million, continued to benefit from the positive performance of the Telecoms Division. International customers represented 66.0% of sales in the third quarter, compared to 69.8% for the same period in 2021. Over the first nine months of the year, international customers represented 65.3% of consolidated revenue, compared to 69.2% at 30/09/21, up by 1.1% despite a significant drop in Sweden of 29.4%, related to the end of the Volvo Car telematics contract, offset by higher sales in France and Brazil.

The Automotive Division generated 86.0% of the Group’s quarterly turnover, amounting to €95.1 million. The 6.3% improvement was nevertheless limited by the components crisis. ACTIA continues to adapt its organisation to manage the shortages, including ongoing flexibility in its production plans in order to limit the impact on its customers. At the same time, it achieved growth of 7.4% in the OEM* business, which represented 76.4% of the division’s turnover, despite the end of the Volvo Car telematics contract. Related to the disposal of the Technical Inspection and Garage Equipment business on 21 April 2022, the Aftermarket** business suffered a decline of 17.8%. These activities, however, still represented 6.7% of quarterly turnover generated by the Diagnostics and Fleet Management businesses that have been kept within the Group. The electronics subcontracting MDS*** business grew by 58.6% and represented 16.9% of the division’s turnover, a reflection of the trust the customers place in ACTIA’s industrial capabilities and the good (or improved) health of certain sectors, such as Aeronautics.

The Telecoms Division represented 13.9% of the Group’s quarterly turnover. Growth stood at 16.3% for the quarter, in line with the Group’s expectations, even if the Power business remained vulnerable to the components shortage.


ACTIA has restated its goal of exceeding revenue growth of 10% in 2022, a level that assumes no improvement in the supply of components in the absence of reliable information from the suppliers. This situation continues to hinder the Group’s performance despite an order book with potential for considerable growth. Indeed, given an economic context that one might think would lead to lower demand, almost all of the Group’s customers have maintained a high level of orders, the delivery of which remains subject to the vagaries of supply. Faced with extreme pressure on prices (prices of components, salaries, EUR / USD exchange rate), the Group’s pricing strategy will be key over the coming months.

Positioned in different market segments with an ever-increasing demand for electronics and possessing cutting-edge industrial facilities, ACTIA continues to enjoy lively sales and restates its objective of exceeding revenues of €800 million within the next four years.

*OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer
**Aftermarket: including maintenance and repairs
***MDS: Manufacturing Design & Services



ACTIA Group is a mid-market company (ETI) founded in 1986. It is at once family-owned and international and its head office is located in France. The family aspect guarantees the long-term future of the Group and its independence with an ever-present entrepreneurial spirit. ACTIA’s business is to design and produce electronics to control systems in the particularly demanding fields of the automotive, rail, aeronautics, space, defence, power and telecommunications industries.

The commitments made by ACTIA are reflected in the Group’s ambitious contributions to addressing societal issues: mobility, connectivity, safety and the environment. Control over the design and production of products bearing the ACTIA signature is a true guarantee of quality. Without exception, all Group employees share this belief in quality in a fully certified environment.


  • 2021 turnover: €462.9 million.
  • Over 3,500 employees around the world, of whom more than 1,000 engineers and technicians working in R&D.
  • Present in 16 countries.
  • 14 to 18% of revenue reinvested every year in R&D.


  • Euronext C
  • ISIN FR0000076655 – Mnemonic: ATI Reuters: MRSP.PA – Bloomberg: AIELF: FP


ACTIA – Catherine Mallet – Tel: +33 (0)561 176198 –

CALYPTUS – Marie Calleux – Tel: +33 (0)153 656868 –


Annual General Meeting: Friday 2 December 2022 (11 am)

The 2023 financial calendar will be published over the coming weeks.

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